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    Dec 17, 2010 10:22 PM|HCamper|LINK



     I am getting some weird problem. I get the error "The connection was reset" in Firefox whereas "Page cannot be displayed" in IE and so. This error occurs only on specific pages. I don't get this error for other pages.

    This happens on my website on remote server and local in the same pages.I cannot debug it because when it happens , visual studio is closing. If I do some refresh I get Service Unavailable -HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

    How can I get what affects this problem? And how can I avoid it?



    The first place to start trouble shooting is for now ignore browser errors and focus on what is happening server side.

    In IIS manager turn on or install advanced logging. Turn on all logging items "Get Verbose Messages".

    Take a look at what errors are at server.

     Get the http error to description set from Microsoft Support use it to guide what is happening.

     Check permissions for IIS root section of web site. Check permission and "if inherit permissions are correct".

    Check correct frame work libraires are in the IIS site for your applications.

    Check the framework from admin command prompt run aspnetregiis -? for help descriptions.

    Using the information above you can start find what is root cause. If you do not find enough information from

    built in tools install and setup "Fiddler HTTP Debugger" it can work thru problems even Visual Studio can not handle.

    General note: For this kind of problem clear the cache each time before you re- vist a page.

    As a final reference in IIS net Forum there is a guide to "How to trouble shoot IIS like a pro" it covers how to track logs and errors.

    I hope you can get this solved,

    Martin :)

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