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  • Re: PHP Setup on IIS 7

    Jul 21, 2010 03:23 PM|don.raman|LINK

    I think you have done everything right.


    ran php-cgi.exe -v - got a dialog box pop up - msvcr71.dll missing

    Please open your php.ini file and comment the line extension=php_mssql.dll. Simply put ';' at the beginning of the line. This is the old and deprecated SQL driver to connect to MS SQL Server. Probably you will never need it. Other workaround is to install Microsoft VC7 runtime. This will help you geting rid of the error.


    Put a "testphp.php" file right next to the test.php file with nothing but <? phpinfo(); ?> in it - blank page

    See by default short_open_tags is set to Off in php.ini. This is the reason why PHP is not able to recognize testphp.php as a PHP file. Please change the content to




    This should fix everything and you should be able to display the phpinfo page. Details at