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  • Re: Error 500.13 (Server too busy) with many sites on one machine

    Jun 01, 2010 04:16 AM|armaita|LINK

    Hello jn00s,

    First of all thank you for this useful help. I applied the everything you said in your message above but i have still problems.
    The thing is my server is an IBM with 8 dual core xeon and 10GB Ram. I did the
    Memory Management settings thats ok. But i could not set the SharedSection keys second and third numbers properly. If i increase them i am starting to get "Service Unavailable" errors on my sites, if I decrease them i get "Web Server is too Busy". And i got insane because i could not solve this since two months now. I have nearly 150 sites in this server.

    Here are the values i tried and the results, i never changed the first value of SharedSection=1024,3072,512 , below are the second and third numver changes.

    SharedSection=1024,3072,1024 : i get server too busy
    3072,1300 : i get service unavailable
    3072,1200 : i get server too busy
    3072,1210 : i get server too busy
    3072,1220 : i get server too busy
    3072,1250 : i get server too busy
    6144,4096 : i get service unavailable
    4096,2048 : i get service unavailable
    3072,2048 : i get service unavailable
    4096,1024 : i get server too busy

    I dont know what should be the ratio between second and third number. But the third number gives different errors between the values 1300 and 1200.

    If anyone can reply me as soon as possible i would appreciate because it is nearly 1,5 month past and i couldnot solve this mess.