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  • IIS 7 - Live smooth streaming client problem

    May 17, 2010 07:09 AM|gperetz1|LINK

    I am trying to simulate a live smooth streaming client. I'm having probelms in calculating the time of the fragments that do not appear in the manifest. I was trying to analyze the fragment moof box to get the duration, and add it the fragment time. The problem is it appears to be incorrect (or maybe should be used in a different manner) for the audio stream. The video stream duration brings me to the next fragment just fine. However, with the audio stream it often misses the time (by a very small difference, sometimes just 1 increment) and so the server returns 404. I don't see that behaviour with the silverlight client - it always gets status 200 from the server, and requests the manifest only at the beginning of the play. More details: I am getting a moof box - indise the traf box I check the tfhd box and trun box. the tfhd box (defaults) has no values in it. the turn box has SampleSize, SampleFlags and SampleDuration present, and shows 6 or 7 samples. What I did was to sum the SampleDuration of the samples, and got the fragment duration. Did I miss anything? Can anyone help me?

    iis 7 Smooth Streaming