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  • Re: Buddypress 404 error

    Mar 04, 2010 12:52 AM|ceslick|LINK

    I think I found the problem, although I don't know how to fix it.  If I disable "friendly http error messages" in IE., it works correctly.  This was disabled on the server's browser by coincidence, which is why it worked.  When I disable it on other computers it also works.  The one firefox browser that I tried had the google toolbar installed, which intercepts errors in much the same way.

    I'm really fuzzy on how all of this is supposed to work.  This is my best shot:  The user clicks a button which goes to http://fqdn/groups/create.  That doesn't exist and the server is supposed to forward them to http://fqdn/groups/create/step/group-details/, which is the first step in the creation of a group.  When "friendly http error messages" is enabled, IE blocks the redirect.  If I go straight to the "group-details" url it works fine.

    I suspect that this is the reason for the problems that a few people have been reporting with buddypress on IIS.  I don't know any solution because the only thing that I've read to get around this, other than disabling friendly http error messages, is to make sure the error message is at least 512 bytes, but I don't know how rewriting fits into all of this.  The page that they are redirected to is many times that.


    Thanks again.

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