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  • Re: SEO Toolkit only searching my home page

    Jan 08, 2010 02:14 PM|emumford|LINK

    It may be in your best interest to set redirection for crawlers (user-agent rather than IP) to a fixed culture, what ever is most appropriate (for your primary audiance perhaps?) and respond with a 301 Permanent Redirect rather than a 302, if you have to redirect at all and are not already using a 301... does the root of your site reflect the default culture, or must it be accessed via a sub path at all times? 

    I've honestly no experience with supporting multicultural sites, but I do have another idea... it may be wise to produce a landing page specifically for crawlers that links to the various cultures, allowing them to index all of the possibilities. Or, rather than relying on geolocation and redirection produce a homepage that allows the user to choose the region/culture... a majority of company websites I have visited take this approach, and it may indeed be directly related to SEO... but again, I'm not terribly familiar on the impact that multiple cultures may have on SEO in general.  Perhaps a combination of this option...

    I'd say it's obvious that from the get go you have issues hindering the SEO value of the site as it is, so it may be time to evaluate from that alone.