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  • Re: Problem with PHP install from Web Platform

    Nov 22, 2009 03:56 PM|don.raman|LINK


    In ini there were no entries after [Types].  I copied the php=PHP and then everything under the [PHP] section.

    Hmmm. This means FastCGI is not configured/installed correctly. A properly installed FastCGI should have proper INI file as outlined in my blog. Also second script not producing any output means that handler mapping for PHP is not present. Can you also ensure that you have 'fcgiconfig.js' in the same folder as 'fcgiext.dll'. PHP MSI uses this script to create mapping for PHP handler as well as adds 'index.php' to default document if not already added.


    php-cgi.exe -v failed because I didn't have msvcr71.dll.  So, I found it and that worked ok after that.

    This error is because of extension php_msssql.dll. This DLL is dependent on msvcr71.dll. Good that is is working fine.

    Please uninstall PHP from Control Panel--->Add/Remove Programs and try installing it again using WPI. Ensure that handler mapping is configured properly. MSI should do that.