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  • Re: php write permission - COMPUTER\USERS ?

    Nov 13, 2009 02:17 AM|weedle|LINK

    Hi not being to bright with computers. I can install stuff no problem until it comes up with an error, user permission needed what r they talking about.  It's just me on the puter, I'm going to install a t 1.5 hard drive. I tried to install fsx and it came up with can't write cache file and this write permission thing, I'm 67 and don't need this grief i just want to play my games. I have sleep apnea and only sleep 2 hours aday I want to play my games I hope you can help. Thank you in advance, if you could send answer to my e-mail because I'll never find my way back here, I'm running vista premreir which I don't like can I go back to xp on my new hard drive. I'm sorry this was so long but I need help. Thanks again     ELP