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  • Re: Problems in locating ARR

    Aug 11, 2009 12:51 PM|wonyoo|LINK

    I see - it may be that the problem that you are experiencing is related to shared config.

    1) When you took the server out of shared config, did you choose to make the copy of shared config to the local machine (ie. take the snapshot of the latest copy).

    2) After uninstalling ARR (previous version) and installing ARRv2 Beta2, did you re-export the local config to the shared location?

    Please note that shared config works only when all the servers look identical in every sense of the way.  So when you take the server out of the server farm, you will want to do that for all the servers, install ARR on all of them, export the config again, then re-join all the servers back in.

    Alternatively, what you may want to do is to use the local copy of the config where you installed ARR and see if ARR behaves as you expect (ie. before you re-joined the server into shared config.)

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