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  • Re: PHP very slow on IIS7

    Jun 02, 2009 08:03 PM|Onionman|LINK

    I haven’t tried ISAPI as I am using NTS version of PHP5(problem still occurs on TS version, but I will try TS ISAPI). Problem does not happen using FCGI on IIS 6. MySQL is on a dedicated server separate to the web server, so network connection are being made(latency <1ms and gigabit links). PHP 4 running FCGI works fine, PHP 5 slow as a dog(as in times out 8 out of 10 times) and really have run out of ideas, communication appears fine between the servers otherwise.

    Platform is as such. Web edition web servers, with content stored on file server, accessed via UNC paths with AD authentication. Problem still occurs if data stored on local drives with local users however, and even if I install MySQL on the web server performance is no better. Only thing I can think of is that the web servers are virtualised on Xen and/or the MySQL server runs Linux, but am not sure how to dig deeper to see where the problem lies. Problem is with FCGI PHP 5 and MySQL only, other languages(classic asp, ASP.net, Perl) all working fine when using MySQL as the data store.