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  • Re: Problem installing IIS 7.0 with a unattend script and pkgmgr.exe

    May 21, 2009 05:37 PM|HSeiler|LINK

     in Windows 7 the FTP updates:

        <selection name="IIS-FTPPublishingService" state="true"/>
        <selection name="IIS-FTPServer" state="true"/>
        <selection name="IIS-FTPManagement" state="true"/>

    has been replaced by the FTP7 updates:

        <selection name="IIS-FTPServer" state="true"/>
        <selection name="IIS-FTPSvc" state="true"/>
        <selection name="IIS-IIS-FTPExtensibility" state="true"/>

    Also you no longer need the WAS stuff:

        <selection name="WAS-WindowsActivationService" state="true"/>
        <selection name="WAS-ProcessModel" state="true"/>
        <selection name="WAS-NetFxEnvironment" state="true"/>
        <selection name="WAS-ConfigurationAPI" state="true"/>

     as these are being pulled in automagically.


    Henry Seiler
    Program Manager
    IIS Deployment