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  • Re: Trouble with Linkpoint API in IIS7

    Apr 03, 2009 12:53 PM|riznick|LINK


    The above posted had a heap corruption problem so I suspect the app is doing something wrong and mashing up the heap. If this is the case then the problem is firmly with the app and I don't know what to suggest other than approach the authors of the software.

    Unfortunately, the authors of the software say that they do not support IIS7 or any .Net above 1.0.  It works fine with the new versions of .Net on IIS6.  They told me I need to downgrade my application (which is wrong) to 1.0 before they would begin to attempt to help me. 

    I asked when they planned on supporting later versions of .Net and they said "sometime soon". 

     They also told me that if I plan to use IIS7 or Windows 2008 that I should switch merchant providers to another company that supports IIS7 or Windows 2008.  That's right...  Linkpoint's support actually told me I should dump their merchant if I wanted to use IIS7.