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  • Re: Webdav - File names with + symbol not working correctly when copied to webdav mapped network...

    Oct 10, 2008 04:02 PM|KeithHutch|LINK

     I have already tried setting allowDoubleEscaping="true" and while it allows a file to be served (GET) when you do a webdav PUT the file 'This is a + test.txt' becomes 'This is a  test.txt'

     It seems like there is some kind of bug in the webdav module that does not properly URL encode/decode a file with a + symbol.

    'This is a + test.txt' should become:


    However when the webdav module receives the PUT command it does not properly URL decode and instead becomes:

    'This is a  test.txt'

    I view this as a pretty serious bug because files with +'s in them are totally valid in the win32 file system.  Due to the nature of the files and customers I'm working with it is not possible for me to rename these files.

    Anyone from the IIS team want to comment?