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    Re: New GUI tool for MS Log Parser, Log Parser Lizard

    Jul 18, 2008 10:01 AM|Rovastar|LINK

    Thanks for the reply.

    a) Aha I see the query button for the popup now at the bottom of the main window - I missed that before. I was changing the 'query dialog box windows for all the queries) before and as you know that doesn't refresh. Even if I save the query it the 'query dialog box'  still doesn't reflect the new values. I can reopen the 'query dialog box' and see the changes that have been made but hitting 'generate' does not reflect these changes.

    It would be nice if it did though.

    For b) above I was trying to do all the changes in the 'queries' window (titled Log Parser queries) I realise you can do reorder the individual queries in a group in the main window 'navigation' panels. So that is ok.

    But ordering the groups.

    And I thought you could do the ordering versions of the groups in the main navigate panel as there is a 'Navigate Pane Option' and in there is says 'Display buttons in this order' but.....it just has tick boxes. So it is not displaying buttons in this order just 'display these buttons'. You cannot 'order' them at all from what I can see. I just don't understand what this is for as you also have "Add or remove buttons" option that does the same thing as this but with a nicer GUI. *shrug*

    A new one or two

    d) This is trivial but I would like a simple counter in second when it is runnig the query so I know how long it has been running for. I could go on the status bar [input records:x, Output Records:x ; Rows in table:x; Querying runnig time: x and (running)  or (completed)  ] 

    So i know it is still running and I know how long a query takes to complete. I have several millions IIS log file rows a days for some farms.

    e) Change the priority of Log Parser Lizard (I am going to call it LPL for short).

    I don't know how easy this is to do but by defualt the LPL process runs on Normal Priority. When running a long queries it is slow  and I cannot click on other windows/etc as it obviously takes up rtesources doing lots of work.

    I was wondering if you could have an option of making LPL run in low priorty. Then I can do stuff.

    I am a little worried about the effect on performance of the machine. I doubt it will do much but I feel more comfortable running it on Low priorty as my machines testing and staging servers (as they are the only ones that have access to the live production boxes logs through the firewall) are still used and I want them as responsive as possibel as log are not .

    Cheers for this again. Don't worry about not getting feedback from me worry about getting too much! ;)

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