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    Re: New GUI tool for MS Log Parser, Log Parser Lizard

    Jul 18, 2008 05:32 AM|Rovastar|LINK

    Again what a nice tool. Here is some feedback.

    a) When you open a query up in the main generating window and then edit the query it does not refresh the setting.

    Say a query is to look for a specfic IP address I run it ok if then I want to edit the query to look for anotehr IP address. Hitting 'generate' doesn't make run teh new query it runs the old (cached) one.

    You need to close down the window and re-open the query. It is a real a pain.

    Could you have the changes realtime please.

    b) Change the display order of the queries and groups. 

    I cannot find a why to change the display order. I have have created several groups one for each webserver/farm. Now I want to more the display order of these. At the moment they are in the same order as generated. When I have many groups and queries within the groups this can look a little messy.

    c) Copy setting for queries/groups

    I want to be able to copy groups and queries. E.g. I have designed several a group with many queries and I want the same group but with me just editing a few settings like the logfiel location, etc  a copy would make this soooo much easier.


    Thanks for the default queries too there are a few nice ones in there. I intend a publishing several useful ones myself as I am creating a whole load of them for the support team to use.

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