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  • Re: IIsProviderSnapIn loading problem

    Jun 10, 2008 01:45 AM|13xforever|LINK

     SP1 for Vista isn't a requirement at all, but still, yes, we have SP 1 installed. Also, IIS7 is comnig only with Vista and maybe with Server 2008 (didn't try it yet). Also, it's 32-bit version of OS, but honestly, at home I have 64-bit Vista version and it never coused any trouble.

    The problem is (I only can suspect) in the way IIsProvider loads and initialize IIS management assembles. Maybe they didn't register something, don't know, but it's strange, because, as I said it before, reinstallation of any component (IIS, .NET, PS and IIsPSProvider) didn't solve the issue.

    Also, loading and using management assembles is working, but it's not as easy to read and elegant as PS commands.