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  • Re: Anyone know about www.nihaorr1.com/1.js?

    May 21, 2008 10:11 PM|ejhay|LINK


    Hi, Im a System Administrator of a Hosting Company, and one of our website has been hacked with SQL injection, At first the hacker inserted nihaorr1.com/1.js most of the website table are being affected with this attacked, after that incident I developed a SQL validation that is similar on the asp script that you posted in this forum unfortunately  the hacker  inserted again a  malicious URL on the MS SQL database what I did is I include the validation for all database driven pages to make the website secured but at this time the hacker can insert the script again and again. I think the hacker is using a problem that you executing this kind of hacking activity. please advise what else can I do with this problem. thanks

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