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  • Re: COM objects with IIS6 + FASTCGI PHP

    Dec 05, 2007 01:17 PM|alex-party|LINK

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for fast reply,

    The COM objects are third party software, FOTOWEB application.

    $IFWSystemSettings = new COM("FOTOWEB.SystemSettings");   <-this COM call works ok
    $FileListCache = new COM("FOTOWEB.FileListCache");   <-this module searches files on network drive, which has "EVERYONE" permissions

    How long does it take to run test.php from the command line? -------> works fast, in 0.6 sec.

    I used procmon to track messages and it all gives SUCCESS, except some DLL files not found, but I think it's not related.

    I tried to install PHP as ISAPI module, and it worked ok, but it's very unstable and takes around 0..6 sec - up to - 1 minute to load results. I can't explain that either. Calling COM objects from ASP works like a charm, but I'm not familiar with ASP.

    I'm dieing here :) I've spent 78 hours on this....any clue would be helpful.