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  • Re: FastCGI process exceeded configured activity timeout

    Nov 08, 2007 11:14 PM|AceNZ|LINK

    I messed up the fcgiext.ini file and restarted the app pool.  No errors were displayed in IE when I went to a PHP page.

    However, I'm running 32-bit Win 2K3, not x64.  In addition, I'm already running the "Intermediate Release" on the page that you mentioned, which I believe is the latest release.

    EDIT: problem solved.  Although the DLL and the INI were located in the inetsrv directory, IIS had been configured to load the DLL from c:\php, due to a permission problem of some kind.  The files weren't removed from inetsrv, so when the config file there was changed, it had no effect, since it was getting loaded from the same folder as the DLL.  Once the files in inetsrv were removed and the INI in c:\php updated, everything seems to be working fine.

    Thanks for the lead -- it helped me start looking in the right direction!