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  • Re: ATL Server and IIS 7/Vista IPv6

    Sep 19, 2007 04:49 PM|InvaderZim|LINK

    Thanks for replying.  The problem isn't the mapping of localhost to; the problem is the mapping of localhost to ::1, which I gather is the IPv6 loopback address.

    I just checked the hosts file on a virgin Vista Business machine, and after the comments, it contains two lines:    localhost
    ::1              localhost

    My understanding is that, for conflicts, Vista prefers IPv6 over IPv4, so unless the second 'hosts' line above is commented out, http://localhost/myapp/default.srf resolves to http://::1/myapp/default.srf and that causes my ATL server-based application to hang if invoked from the same machine. 

    So my assumption is that there is some difference in the ISAPI interface when it's called using an IPv6 address, rather than an IPv4 address.  I can't imagine why else it would hang.

    In any case, if this isn't a known problem, I'll see if I can figure it out.  It would still be nice to know if there will be an updated ATL server.

    --- Uwe