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  • Re: Error 500.13 (Server too busy) with many sites on one machine

    Sep 07, 2007 12:51 PM|KevinKohn|LINK

    Run perfmon on the box and pay attention to ASP counters.  Chances are your ASP Queue max is being reached, thus the 500 server error.  While tweaking ASP request queue max value in the metabase might buy you a bit, I imagine some ASP pages are running very slowly (db access and such) and might be causing your problems.  Generally in this scenario you would not see CPU and Memory issues as the ASP's are stuck in the queue waiting for external dependancies (database for example) to return data.

     In your IIS log's, ensure the time-taken, cs-bytes, and sc-bytes are being logged.  Look at time-taken field to see which ASP's might be causing you problems.