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  • Re: Wildcard host header support

    Apr 09, 2007 01:46 PM|Net_Srak|LINK

    Well, that is the beauty of a specification. There are no other perspectives than the specification, and it is not part of the specification how the server internally maps a request to a specific website. Remember; if I enter the address the headers sent to IIS would be exactly the same even if the server supports wildcard host headers. There will be no difference whatsoever in the action. If I manually has added to the website or if IIS support * has no matter for both the user and the specification. It is strictly an internally decision.

    If you really believes, that it is part of the specification (where as I would point your attention to the RFC 2616, so you could read for yourself), why would you allow IIS to support multiple host headers? This is not a part of the specification. Having more than one website pr. server isn't either. These are features of the server, which not breaks specification compliance but more the software more attractive. As I said, virtual directories, server includes aren't part of specification either, but they are for sure nice to have - like ASP.NET, which has nothing to do with core HTTP either.

    As far as I know, the Apache team is very strict when it come to protocol compliance, and they support it. Unfortunately, Apache is not an option - if it were, I would have made the change long ago. IIS need to support common used features. To emphasize this argument, I know several hosting centers who choose Apache over IIS - not because of cost, they still use Windows - as many of their clients have need for wildcard host headers. 

    Also note, that you wont have to use this, if IIS implements it.