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  • Re: IIS atack every day

    Feb 13, 2007 06:14 AM|Natxo|LINK


    Here is the log file of monday 12 with time-taken field.

    http://www.sasua.net/ex070212.rar 20MB

    I have execute:

    logparser -i:IISW3C "SELECT date,time,c-ip,cs-uri-stem,cs-uri-query,time-taken INTO OUT12.CSV FROM ex070212.log where time-taken>30000"

    and i see many "Terminó_el_tiempo_de_espera" - "wait time out" of SQL SERVER begining at 15:20:20

    The graphic where i see the grow of anonimous users and sql connections begins at 15:36, not the same that log file... The reset of server you can see at 15:46:30 Also i see that in other hours also occurs saturations, at 18:37.

     I have in the server another site with other logs:

    http://www.sasua.net/adm_ex070212.rar 50KB

    In this site they use MS ACCESS and it could have some asp page that takes the server resources... My new question is: can I isolate this site? I have IIS 6. Can i isolate using iis 6 or I must to change to IIS 5.0 isolation system?