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  • Need an ASP+ODBC Recipe, Please

    Oct 09, 2006 12:51 PM|swazal|LINK

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    Okay, I'm on RC1 and trying to convert my barebones ASP+Access ODBC application to IIS7.  What works today is on WinXPSP1 and the personal web service.  An Access-base system DSN defined for read accesses, no security in Access.  The MDB file sits at \inetpub\data and the I_USR has read-write access to this directory so it can create the LDB file.  All my ASP links basically drive GETs to drill into the database, with an initial post page.  I can secure access (and do) to different views by adding domain group access to an ASP page.  This drives pass-through network authentication and is the only security.  98% of the use is unsecured anonymous access on a secure corporate desktop network.

    On IIS7 and Vista, nothing.  I continually get a 500 error.  I've changed the perms for both the I_USRS group and the I_USR to modify on both the \inetpub\data and the MDB file, then moved the data directory to wwwroot\data in frustration.

    Now, this is my only test Vista platform and the IIS application is quasi-production ... I have to run it under Vista in order to keep that desktop (don't ask about VirtPC or VMWare ... I don't have the memory for that). IS wants the old system back (I'm running Vista on the replacement) and so I either need to replace it with the XP config I know works, or find another way to make IIS7 work (including an install on XP with an upgrade to Vista).  I've tried poking into the app.config file and I'm frankly lost -- where are the definitions for all those lines?  

    Bottom line: I need a recipe to make my application work, not an attempt at troubleshooting what's already there ... tell me what is supposed to work and I'll set it up that way.  No upgrades to SQL Server, please.  That's already an option elsewhere.  I want the desktop to remain available for Vista play.  TIA -