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  • Re: IE Hanging when using localhost

    May 26, 2006 03:37 PM|Richard8888|LINK


    I just posted an apology, but, for some reason I cannot see it. I already disabled script blocking and that did not work. However due to me following your and Bernards suggestions properly, this time I disabled script blocking, Norton Antivirus and W firewall, then did a complete re-boot and tried it again and it worked, the update actually works!!!!!!

    I am confused as to why it didn't work previously when I disabled script blocking on Wednesday and it did not work then, I did not do a reboot at that time though...

    Look, thanks for your help. I can carry on with my demos now with the right piece of equipment. I will be back though as I am getting more and more invloved with IIS applications....

    Again, thanks.