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  • Re: IE Hanging when using localhost

    May 24, 2006 01:59 PM|Richard8888|LINK

    For completeness I will just describe the application. It is a scoring system for equine competitions, designed to be used on a stand alone laptop in a field. When all scores are collected you can connect to the internet and upload the results in the organisations web pages. Now, the first time I boot up I get the "home page". From here I can click on a hyperlink and get the link page containing null values retrieved from the database with no issue, when I then click on any simple links on that page to navigate around the site, it makes every link no problem. However when I use the web site to input a score, this is when it hangs. At this point this application does not hang on my other computers. I therefore do not think it is the application, but, the platform (IIS interfacing with IE ). What do you think?

    Also, my exiting computers (that run this site) have "server extensions" in web site properties. The laptop has a tab called instead of "server extensions". When the page hangs, it hangs for 90secs, which is the timeout period for an asp issue. Do you think I am onto something here?

    I do not know how to read the eventlog....