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  • Re: Problem displaying database info on page

    Sep 22, 2005 04:31 PM|jeff@zina.com|LINK


    I was having exactly the same problem (System.__ComObject) and searched for
    over three days straight, and finally found a snippet in a note on Microsoft's site:

    <%= rs.Fields.Item("Name").Value %>

    You have to use that exact format instead of

    <%= rs.Fields("Name") %>

    They called the first one "verbose" and said it's form was required when accessing
    data from within an asp.net page to prevent the return of the object type instead of
    the text or character or number you are trying to retrieve.  I changed it in mine and
    it worked instantly.
    This is because of the way recordsets work.  You should always be precise in your code, specify exactly what you want.  Otherwise, you may get unpredictable results. 

    Have you Binged a solution before posting?