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  • Dynamic IP Restrictions by file type?

    Oct 16, 2020 06:43 PM|MichaelBMuller|LINK

    Hi, I've tried using WebKnight, which is similar to Dynamic IP Restrictions, but some pages on my sites have tons of images and js and css and so a single page request would result in potentially a hundred total requests. Also, some clients have multiple logins and work in a building with a single IP, so we would need to be able to white list those IPs.

    Can this extension also be upgraded to include file types (ie; html or asp etc), and can several different restrictions be applied (ie; by script name, such as login.aspx) for a better fine-tuned blocking experience?



  • Re: Dynamic IP Restrictions by file type?

    Oct 19, 2020 02:31 AM|Brucz|LINK

    Hi MichaelBMuller,

    You can add allow list of IP address to exclude form being blocked.

    1. Open IIS Manager
    2. Choose IP Address and Domain Restrictions, add allow entry rule in the right-hand side of action. You can add specific IP address or IP address range.
    3. Edit dynamic IP restriction settings in the right-hand side of action, you can limit the the number of concurrent request. If the number of concurrent request larger than it, the IP which send the request will be limited.

    More information can refer to this.

    If you are worried about a large number of requests for a single page due to too many css and js files, a good way is to use bundling and minification in asp.net application. It is no need to configure it in iis.

    Bundling and Minification in asp.net.

    Bundle and minify static assets in ASP.NET Core

    Best regards,


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