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  • Beginner help please - IIS 10.0, want use Visual Basic Console App (VS-2019) to feed HTML output...

    Nov 29, 2019 03:43 PM|wb0gaz|LINK

    I am beginner level with IIS (specifically for me, IIS 10.0), and thanks to previous question and answer here, I am making good progress.

    Now, I want to configure IIS so I can generate a web page with output from a Visual Basic Console Application that I write. I believe my options are CGI (old?), ASP.NET (not the latest?) or ASP Core (new?). As I do not have experience with any of these options, I believe I should start with the one favored by community here.

    My Visual Basic Console Application will generate a set of lines of text that together make up a simple HTML web page, such as:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    Hello World <br>
    </body> </html>

    My Visual Basic application would look like this:

    Console.Write("<!DOCTYPE html>")
    Console.Write("Hello World<br>")
    ... and so on ...

    So my basic questions follow:

    1. 1. What configuration of IIS should I use to allow it to make use of my "hello world.exe" Visual Basic Console Application as a source of output text? Please assume that my instance of IIS 10.0 is "out of the box" as initially made operational with windows features enabling, except that I did (successfully, thanks to previous help here) get server side includes working (thanks!!)
    2. 2. To constrain complexity of solution, please assume that this configuration would be used only for experimentation by a single user; there is no need to have scalable capacity, security, or any other things normally good for a commercial deployment. I am just trying to find the basic "plumbing" to get hello world out to a web brower, sourcing the HTML from a command line application.

    Thank you very much for any pointers!


  • Re: Beginner help please - IIS 10.0, want use Visual Basic Console App (VS-2019) to feed HTML out...

    Nov 29, 2019 08:50 PM|lextm|LINK

    Serving HTTP requests with a console application was the ancient CGI, which is neither secure, not performant. Nobody does that any more even before 2000.

    Please spend some time learning things like ASP.NET Core (ASP.NET 4.x is considered legacy right now),

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