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  • Error when Wincache tries to load

    Aug 20, 2019 08:23 PM|robertmgreenlee|LINK

    Would greatly appreciate some help with this.  Been looking at it for two days.

    Quick background.  Server is 2016 Standard, IIS loaded, PHP 7.3.8.  Latest build of Wincache which is support to support 7.3 in the /ext directory.

    This line in the php.ini

    I can uncomment other extensions and they will load and I see the in the test phpinfo.php file I created.  Wincache will never load.

    This server will run Joomla and when I try to execute the php script which unpacks the backup I get the following in the event log.

    The description for Event ID 4 from source PHP-7.3.8 cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

    If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

    The following information was included with the event:

    PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'php_wincache.dll' (tried: D:\php\ext\php_wincache.dll (The specified module could not be found.), D:\php\ext\php_php_wincache.dll.dll (The specified module could not be found.)) ("D:\PHP\Php-cgi.exe")

    I've verified the paths and everything about 50 times now.  Don't understand why it can't find it.  

    Also have D:\php and d:\php\etc in the system paths.

    Greatly appreciate any help.