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Last post May 08, 2019 06:57 AM by Jalpa Panchal

  • Invoke-Command Enable-IISConfig Password Invalid Error

    May 07, 2019 08:31 AM|BradSherwin|LINK

    Hi Guys,

    I'm having a bit of trouble with some PS code I've been working on.  The error I'm getting is:

    Invalid password
    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (:) [Enable-IISSharedConfig], ArgumentException
    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.ArgumentException,Microsoft.IIS.Powershell.Commands.EnableIISSharedConfigCommand
    + PSComputerName : ISSERVER06

    Here is my code and I get the same error for all the servers.

    $serverlist = @("ISSERVER04","ISSERVER05","ISSERVER06")
    $sharedconfig = "\\DOMAIN\dfs\IISCentralConfig"
    $Credentials = (Get-Credential -Message "Please enter the Login credentials for app pool inc domian name").GetNetworkCredential()
    $username = $Credentials.Domain + "\" + $Credentials.UserName
    $password = $Credentials.SecurePassword
    $sharedconfigpassword = Read-Host -AsSecureString -Prompt "Please Enter a password for encrypting the IIS config."
    Export-IISConfiguration -PhysicalPath "C:\IISExport" -KeyEncryptionPassword $sharedconfigpassword
    Move-Item -Path "C:\IISExport\*" -Destination $sharedconfig -Force
    #Enable IIS Shared Configuration for each web server
    $sb2 = {
                Enable-IISSharedConfig -PhysicalPath $args[0] -UserName $args[1] -Password $args[2] -KeyEncryptionPassword $args[3]
    foreach ($server in $serverlist){
    Invoke-Command -ComputerName $server -ArgumentList $sharedconfig,$username,$password,$sharedconfigpassword -ScriptBlock $sb2 -Force

    I've tested manually on each web server with the credentials and they work just fine.  Also, if I run Enable-IISConfig on the local server I'm working from it works so I believe its the invoke-command.  I've ran $password.GetType and I can see its a SecureString.

    The account I'm running this PS script from is my domain admin account too.

    Any ideas,

    Appreciate the help.


  • Re: Invoke-Command Enable-IISConfig Password Invalid Error

    May 08, 2019 06:57 AM|Jalpa Panchal|LINK


    Try to use get credentials and store that detail in variable and use in invoke command or just try to access this command and check the result.


    Invoke-Command -ComputerName $server -ArgumentList $sharedconfig,$username,$password,$sharedconfigpassword -ScriptBlock $sb2 -Force

    $cred = Get-credential
    $script = {Write-Host "test!"}
    invoke-command -computername "mypc2" -Credential $cred -scriptblock $script -ErrorAction Silentlycontinue
    if (!$?)
      if ($error[0].FullyQualifiedErrorId -eq "PSSessionStateBroken")
      {"Wrong User/Password"}



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