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Essays on Skills

Skills are very important for all of us. Skill can be defined as anything in which you are very good or expert than that will be your skill. Skill can be anything like singing, dancing, Digital marketing, graphics designing, english help , etc. I always recommend you to become a master in one skill. A skill can change your life.
There is very much competition in our country. We have to fight for each and every spot. It is very important for all of us to have a special skill. Many of the parents in our country want that their child should become a Doctor or Engineer. This is totally wrong because parents should let their children decide what they want to become in their life.

There is very much competition in traditional careers like doctors and Engineers. There are many students in our country who want to become a doctor or engineer because of their parent’s pressure. This mindset of Indian parents should change.

Best Skills to Learn

The best skill is that skill which makes you feel happy when you do that skill and can make you financially independent. No one can recommend some skills to learn. You have to decide what you to achieve in your life whether you want to be a Dancer or Singer. It’s totally up to you which skill you decide to learn. I can say you that you should become the master of your skill.

You should practice your skill every day because if you practice your skill every day then you will definitely become master in your skill. You should choose your skill very wisely. If you are very confused which skills to learn then I can recommend some Digitals skills like-
1. Graphics Designing
2. Web development
3. App development
4. Game developer
5. Game designer
6. Web designer
7. Data analysis
8. Data scientist
9. Become a coder
10. Learn Digital Marketing

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Importance of a Skill

After reading the above paragraphs I think you knew the importance of having a unique skill. All of you know that there are many people in our country who are unemployed. The students who are very much educated are also not getting proper job as they deserve. There are many students in our country who are unemployed. The main reason behind this unemployment is because they do not have a proper skills.

In today’s time, one will not get a job by having degrees or educational qualifications. Skills are very much important in today’s time to get a job. The parents in our country do not focus on skills they just that their child should score good marks in his/her exams. The parents should encourage their children to learn a new skill but they only want their child should study all time. The parents are very much responsible for their child’s unemployment because they did not encourage their child to learn a new skill.

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Conclusion of This Essay on Skills

I will request all the parents our country to change their mindset because becoming a doctor and engineer is not everything because there is too much competition in these fields. Most of the students are forced to become a Doctor or Engineer they have a lot of pressure from their parents.
I know that dedication is very important. In fact, it is the most important skill of everybody. Nelson Mandela once said that
Education is the most owerful weapon which you cna use to change the world

The parents should also encourage their children to learn new skills in which they are very good. One unique skill is very much important for all of us. I recommend all of you to not waste your precious lockdown period. You should use your lockdown time in learning new skills.

I hope that you loved this essay on skills. I hope that you understood what I am trying to say in this essay. If you think that this essay is helpful for you then please share it with your friends.

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