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I ;m not saying I am not a casual and unique guy, I'm just saying that dolphins might be able to do discrete multi-variable calculus in their little noses and we'd never know..."no one is virgin life fucks everybody" I've been pricking since a long time from different people in so many different ways that even now I've become habitual of such atrocious bites, remorseful but that is the factual part of my bummer frigging life. So now I've changed myself into a rough and tough soul who is now ready to face ups n downs, perplexities as well. I would not have such anorexic personality if I took immediate changes in myself at that time but as you know, every person learn through his experiences.
Wish I could see aristocracy and best of the best circle of upcoming friends if they are in my fate. Every curvaceous thing is not gold according to my experience, it could be frantic so the intuitive and the subtle decision is to avoid such captivating attraction. Life has become versatile these days, though it was static but now every other day is coming wid new things. I love and consider friends with glamorous personalities and resplendent minds. Slick and wily thoughts are my passion.

After walking in life some time and experiencing things with people of many ages, I've come to the conclusion that I'm here to learn. I'm not sure where tomorrow will take me but I've become a firm believer that I will go with the wind that pulls me along. I put a lot of effort into those that I call my friends because I want to see those around me succeed in life. It is true that one day they may slip away but in the duration of that time I can say we both benefited from life experience. It's sad that friends come and go but all you can do is just enjoy the friendship for the time that you have it.I used to believe that happiness could be built with your two hands but in reality it only helps a little bit. I've found true happiness by detaching myself from security. Security is a made up word and no one will ever feel 100% secure. With that in mind I do my best now to pass on what I've learned. There are things in life that make me unhappy and I cope with it just like everyone else does. I've woken up and seen a different side of life.

Sometimes I may be unhappy but ultimately I am happy.*Pure Key to success as well as domination


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