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About Amber Clark


I take a lot of photos and I have written a lot of tools around my photography pipeline. I specialize in fine art and live event photography including theater, dance, and musical performances. I have a deep love of playing with highlights and shadows in my photographic work and turning perception on its ear.

My work with the Edge of Propinquity has garnered me a couple of awards so far, one in 2008 for the image "In, Through, Beyond" appearing the Kendrick series by Jennifer Brozek and another in 2009 and 2011 for the piece "Her Return", created for James A. Sulivan's Santa Maria stories.

When not at shoots, I spend spare time writing software, belly dancing and studying and other styles of dance, playing games with my family and loved ones, and sleeping. No, scratch that last one, I don't have time for sleep.


Lots of interests. See bio for details.


Software Development Engineer and Photographer



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Amber Clark

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